Digital or Paper? How to Pick the Right Planner: We Discuss Best Planners for College

Digital or Paper? How to Pick the Right Planner: We Discuss Best Planners for College

Life in college or university can be exhausting and tiresome. Students have to do various academic tasks and assignments. Every day they face great challenges. Some of them are easy, some of them are time-consuming or useful only for quotes. They have to deal with them. If a student wants to succeed in studying, he has to establish daily, weekly, and monthly goals. A student who studies in high school has to analyze his priorities and goals every year, various planners help to track top tasks and provide the list of options. They are useful. In our guide, we will provide you the list of paper planners with numerous pages and digital apps that can meet the demands of modern students and other people. A digital planner doesn’t have a pretty cover. It has a nice layout and enough space to save your tasks every week, month or year.

Why Do You Need Online Planner for Your Notes?

If you are tired of paper planners with paper stickers and limited options, you will love smart planner apps that have various layouts and enough space for your tasks, inspirational quotes, classroom schedule, and other planning features. If you choose an online planner, you may pick its design, size, and sections you need to organize all your stuff. We’ll give you the list of popular digital apps. They can help to become organized and order your busy life. You will be able to pick the type of app with a vertical or horizontal interface, cute style, and convenient calendar. Also you can learn it from industry experts, one of the most popular Digital Marketing Courses in Pune which provides Practical training on the same. You shouldn’t think that you only have to buy a planner, and its price is high. Plenty of convenient planning tools for college are free.

Time management is a challenge even for the most talented and motivated people.

Productivity levels vary from day to day, and modern Someday, Week Day Hour productivity system that is supposed to help us work better and faster can turn against us – think of all the time you lose checking your email every day or giving up to guilty pleasures like shopping online.

Excellent Digital Planners for Simple Work and Perfect Organization

Let’s check some good online apps that have lots of options, a vast variety of designs, and simple operation. Pick one of these digital products that include the set of useful features and open new opportunities with our service.

1. Student Planner. Super Easy Tool to Organize Important Tasks and Appointments

You will enjoy its simple design and intuitive UI. It is so easy to store your assignments in one place; the app helps you to schedule your tasks for one week or a few months. Due to reminder notifications, you will remember all significant dates in your schedule.

With Student Planner, you can:

  • Select subjects automatically;
  • Assign prediction for the due date;
  • Track your schedule;
  • Assign keyword recognition.


  • Minimalist design;
  • Small size;
  • Fast work;
  • Proper schedule.


  • No backup.

The app is free and is available on Play Store.

People will find this program useful if they search for easy-to-use and functional tool to plan tasks for weeks.

2. Egenda. Arrange Your Homework in a Few Clicks

Homework is a crucial part of students’ life. Tracking classes and projects is necessary. You may create your customizable personal schedule.

With Egenda you can:

  • Manage your homework, tests, and quizzes;
  • Use daily reminders;
  • Sort various appointments and tasks by subject;
  • Use the calendar view option and see the full list of your activities for a week or month.


  • Subject sorting;
  • Calendar view;


  • No backup function.

It is free and available on Google Play or App Store.

You may run this planner if you want to track all your essay progress and tests, but it doesn’t provide a timetable.

3. Chalkboard. Manage Your School Life and Homework with This Advanced Tool

It has a big range of options. It is an advanced app among similar digital programs. It requires some time for a setting, but it provides extra opportunities for users.

With Chalkboard planner, you can:

  • Use a few tabs like classes, events, and timetable;
  • Schedule your classes and see what class is next;
  • Plan your homework in a few clicks;
  • View all upcoming classes and events on the home screen;
  • Use the option of automatic mute during lessons.


  • A larger variety of smart features;
  • Comprehensive timetable.


  • Lack of calendar view;
  • Longer set up.

The planner is free and available on Play Store.

If you search for advanced homework planner, Chalkboard is a good choice; it includes all necessary options like classes schedule, upcoming events, and timetable; it is a well-polished app that is available for free.

Top Paper Planners That Help to Organize Your College or Work Schedule

Someone prefers to write by hand. You can purchase stylish paper planner. It may help to note down your activities and important stuff; these planners have various covers, colorful pages, different sizes, and pen holders so that they can dress any desk. We offer you the most popular paper planners for students and teachers.

   1. Blue Sky Planner

The manufacturer offers various sizes and styles of this planner. You may use it yearly. The planner has a great format, is sturdy and durable. You may easily find your essential notes.

Pros: sturdy construction, attractive design, highly convenient structure, affordable price.

Cons: some consumers find that lines on pages are too close.

It costs from $8 to $25 on Amazon.

   2. Erin Condren’s Planner

This planner stands out among other models due to its fabulous design. The front page has a few colors to choose from. Inside the planner, you will find a large number of pages; your writing and scheduling will be fun and exciting with this planner; you may have very busy life and need hourly breakdowns to write down your notes. This planner has enough blank pages without dates. You will be able to create various lists of events, wishes, and other stuff.

It helps to be highly focused on the crucial things during studying or work. It has lots of positive reviews from popular bloggers. You may carry the planner in your bag and use it for stunning Instagram photos.

Pros: great design, quality paper, convenient structure.

Cons: you have to spend too much money on it.

It costs from $24 to $70 on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous Mobile App Developers that create similar products. It is evident that busy college or work days can be troublesome if you can’t properly organize your tasks and follow a precise schedule. Even a book review is easy with a proper plan. Various planners can be an excellent option; digital apps provide you with advanced features, and paper planners are styled and convenient for writing by hand. Pick the most proper way to organize your stuff. Pick the best planner for your needs and check our useful bibliography guideline