All Students Should Know This! Learn How to Make an Essay Longer Now!

All Students Should Know This! Learn How to Make an Essay Longer Now!

We all know what it means to write a paper with some page count set by standards or teacher. And one thing is to cut your masterpiece to fit the limits. But it is much harder to somehow to stretch your text when the information or topic makes it just not enough. Lots of students ask how to make an essay longer and there is no one easy or certain answer.

It may feel like hell when you just do not know what else to add to your paper. You are trying over and over again but nothing works and your paper still misses almost a half of a required page count. This article was created by our writing and proofreading experts to help you out giving few simple but useful tips on how to make an essay longer. No tricks revealing, actually, just logical thinking and experience.

Is It Easy to Make an Essay Longer?

It is easier to ask than to get a proper answer, actually. Your task is not just make your text bigger and full of water but to increase its number of pages and words with enough part of useful material in it.

There are few main aspects you can use to increase number of pages in your paper:

  • Font
  • Spacing
  • Margins
  • Words

Being creative may be just not enough. You need to create a whole masterpiece out of nothing or minimum of information. Transition words and descriptions of course are welcome, but you should understand that too much water will make your paper sound unsure and weak. Play with descriptions, commas, and even conjunctions.

And we do not even talk about such easy ways like using bigger font or spacing. It is clear that those tricks can help but will not make your content bigger in general.

Main Tips on How to Make an Essay Longer

Here are few interesting and useful tips on how to make a paper longer. You may take it and use it as you wish as there are no certain recommendations and limits to use on a page.

Work With The Header

The header is the first thing that can increase your paper on few paragraphs longer. No, it is not necessary to use another font type or size. Just include everything you can say about yourself and attach all the contacts you have. Put it in your header. You have a Twitter? Great, include it! Your Instagram and Facebook too. Do not waste any possibility to increase your page count.

Use Larger Spacing

Same may consider it being a cheating, but if you do not have any restrictions and limitations regarding your spacing you can use this trick. Of course, you should be careful and increase spacing till it looks readable and normal enough. For example, you can use not a standard double spacing but 3 or at least 2.5 instead. We are sure your teacher will not see the difference. Or at least the chance is too low for to worry.

Raising The Font Size

Another good old trick that is totally legal in case you do not have any certain restrictions and instructions. Increasing font size on a half is a great idea. And if you are brave enough you can even double it. At least in some particular places such as header or quotations.

Rising Size of Commas

If you have enough time to spend it looking for each comma, dot, and period, you may increase their size up to some degree. For example, if your paper has font size 14, you may try to set 15 for commas on all pages.

Extra Space

There are few places in your paper you can use to increase space around. Just add extra spacing near your title. It is the easiest way. Your title is so important and you know it. Well, just add some air around it and make it breath.

Change Font

There are lots of interesting fonts to help you out. We are speaking not just about changing on another type of font on a page. You can get the same font as your standard and then change it on anything bigger of the same shape. If you are using Times New Roman, use Bookman Old Style instead.

Use Descriptions and Explanations

If you are smart enough to come up with a picturesque description of any object, you should use that skill. If there is something you can explain additionally, use it. Use everything you can add extra to your paper. Historical facts also work great. Talking about some historical aspect you can also add something about that particular time. Just to show the background and increase your page count, of course.

Add Quotes

Just like descriptions and explanations on a page, quotes work great as filler but look as something important, interesting, and smart. If you are writing about some book, you should add quotes from the book itself and from the author. If you are writing about the author, you add their quotes and from their books. Various experts also work great. Use their words to stretch your paper and show that you have been working with additional material for better research.


This is simple and genius at the same. If you are talking about some groupe of people, name them all one by one instead of just using a pronoun “they”. One word will become five, in case there are five people in this group. A great essay writing tip to use in various situations. 

Bigger Margins

This method may be tricky but it works perfectly. Try different combinations of left and right margins. Changing top and bottom margins may be even more useful.

Bottom Line

Of course, the list of such tricks may be much longer. But our writing experts consider these points the most useful of all. In case you have any troubles with your writing task, you can always contact us to help you out.