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Why is book writing and proofreading considered a challenge? What is difficult about the task, and what pitfalls should you be ready for when proofreading a piece? If you have ever been writing a book, then you probably know what we mean here. However, in case you have never dealt with the proofreading task, it will be a challenge - believe us.

Apart from finding inspiration, piling up all your ideas and stating them on paper, you are to properly edit a piece and eliminate all types of errors in it before publishing. And by a “mistake,” we imply not only the missing comma or the absence of a predicate that you can see when proofreading. Run-on sentences and jumping from one idea to another can distract a reader and make the text difficult to read. That’s why proofreading cannot be skipped.

If you do not want this to happen, then it is better to play it safe and hire a professional book editor to proofread the piece. Thus, you can entrust boring proofreading work to a real expert of this business and focus on the content of the document. No worries - we will take care of your masterpiece and proofread it well.

Why order our book proofreading services?

Want to find someone who could treat and proofread your manuscript with the same attention and care as you do? Let us show what we can do for you. Throughout many years of work, we have developed an effective formula of success ensuring that all our customers are satisfied with the proofreading service we offer and feel 100% safe with us. Here is what you get when hiring our book proofreaders:

  • Professional proofreading assistance; otherwise, we will pay you back;
  • 24/7 customer support reps who will reply to you in 3 minutes the latest;
  • Native English speakers in a team with a dedication to what they do;
  • Affordable prices that will not hit in your pocket too much;
  • Unlimited revisions that will not cost anything extra to you;
  • On-time delivery no matter how soon the deadline is approaching.

We are not afraid of complex proofreading tasks and short deadlines. Our writers have proofread tens of books and do know what to focus on.

How do we review books?

Writing a book manuscript is complicated work. However, its proofreading and making all storylines sound consistent are even more complicated since it’s difficult to “see” your text when proofreading it. Firstly, you know all the subtleties of the story and can miss out many points important to the reader when proofreading the piece. Secondly, there is a figurative effect - the author perceives the text not as a whole but fragmentary. That’s why addressing proofreading to external agencies with qualified specialists in this business is a good solution.

When giving a proofreading task to us, you can rest assured about the professional assistance you get. When proofreading a book, we pay special attention not only to errors in the text but also to the content on every page of the work. Here are some of the main things we check during text proofreading.

  • Level of compliance - The characters, plot, and the main idea of the book must meet the stated requirements. If the hero has blue eyes and a tattoo on his left shoulder, then brown eyes and a tattoo on his right shoulder “suddenly” popping up in the middle of the book will confuse the readers. All these things should be aligned in the text, and we check it ourselves when proofreading the work.
  • The level of confidence - What is credibility? This is a reader's “believe,” no matter if it a separate scene or the entire storyline of the book. In order to reach authenticity, details from everyday life are important. That’s what we check during proofreading.
  • The logical development of a story - Logic in its purest form is causal relationships between phenomena, situations, motives, etc. This is “why”, “why”, “what,” “how,” and “when.” So if you will be unable to answer all these questions, a reader will hardly believe you. We will proofread your piece from this perspective as well.
  • The level of readability - Readability impacts the general perception of the text. Simply put, the length of paragraphs, the simplicity of sentences, and the choice of words matter. Therefore, we pay special attention to the readability of your book when proofreading it.

As you can see, proofreading is a tough thing to do. Having no experience and relevant knowledge, you risk failing the task. Hire dedicated book proofreaders to accept the challenge instead of you. Plan your time and efforts properly instead of doing boring proofreading.

Ready to order our proofreading help? Follow the steps

Fill in the form

Provide us with all the details of the book to be proofread: the deadline, requirements, instructions, and do not forget to attach a manuscript to the order form.

Make a payment

Pay for the order so that we could start proofreading the piece. Once you make a payment, the money lands in our account only after you approve a book.

Connect with the proofreader

You can easily connect with the one proofreading the book in a live chat and get immediate answers to your questions. Keep track of the proofreading work.

Get a book

A complete book will be sent to your mailbox several days before the agreed date so that you could carefully read it and make sure that proofreading was a success.

Make your work a masterpiece

Having a professional proofreader is always a good thing, especially if you are writing a book. Thus, you can divide the work between the two. Take the most creative part of the work and have someone doing the proofreading for you. That’s just perfect, agree? Let us help you - hire our book proofreaders!